Spout Lake

Spout Lake

In the heart of the Cariboo Country, we find Spout Lake 3600 feet above sea level and 7 miles long with Ten-ee-ah Lodge being the only property, embedded in a hilly countryside and surrounded by vast areas of forest.

Untouched nature as far as you can see. On the islands and along the lake shore you will find picnic areas and remote spots to withdraw for the day. There are various possibilities to explore the beautiful countryside: with a canoe / kayak or a motor boat, by hiking, on horseback or on an impressive flightseeing trip in a floatplane.

Nature at its Finest

Thanks to its seclusion, Spout Lake and the nearby area offers a large number of wild animals. There is an impressive variety of birds, ranging from hummingbirds looking for nectar in blossoming trees, to the resident bald eagles fishing along the creek.

The cry of the loon belongs to a Cariboo night. Beaver lodges decorate the shore of Spout Lake and the nearby beaver pond. Moose and black bears also inhabit the area and may be spotted along the lake shore or in the surrounding forest.