Flying at Spout Lake

Ten-ee-ah Floatplane Flying

The Ten-ee-ah Flying Club @ Spout Lake enjoys the right to hospitality at the Lodge’s own official Floatplane Base and offer the possibility of flightseeing or the opportunity to learn to fly a floatplane.

The club operates a Piper Supercub for training and has experienced local flight instructors and commercial pilots to lead the student through the process of learning to fly a floatplane.

It is an ultimate flying experience for a European pilot to be in command of a floatplane and being able to land on one of the countless and remote waters of British Columbia.

Pilots from overseas need a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC) which can be obtained with Transport Canada.

Training Program

A typical training program consists of a Seven-Hour Package on the Piper PA18 at CAD $250 per hour. The club’s secretary Werner Buser is happy to provide further information on the subject. Please do not hesitate to contact him via the above email link.

Ten-ee-ah Flying Club

Ten-ee-ah Flying Club @ Spout Lake will rent their aircrafts not only to local pilots but also to guests of Ten-ee-ah Lodge who are qualified to fly floatplanes.

As a member of the Ten-ee-ah Flying Club you may enjoy the privilege of a scenic flight on a DeHavilland «Beaver». Membership can be obtained during your stay at Ten-ee-ah Lodge.